Want to avoid this common scenario? A common question for drivers who are traveling is whether they need to purchase additional car insurance for their rental cars. 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Often times, people end up buying supplemental insurance … If you have a consumer problem you can't solve, contact him directly through his advocacy website. However, as mentioned above, the car rental insurance is typically secondary, which will only cover what your personal insurance doesn't. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Michael Baker has worked as a full-time journalist since 2002 and currently serves as editor for several travel-industry trade publications in New York. I have been wondering whether or not to get rental car insurance for a rental car I’ll be using in a few weeks. You could also have coverage through your credit card. These easily could add up to thousands of dollars, which makes the $10 to $20 per day for the waiver a small price to pay, as it will cover all damage with no questions asked. Your insurance agent can help you determine if you have gaps between what you need to cover when renting and what your car insurance covers. State Farm: Rental Car Insurance -- What You Ought to Know. Buying the LDW/CDW from the car rental company is one way to cover these expenses, should they happen. In addition, many credit card companies offer some level of car rental insurance as a benefit, so you might get extra protection just by paying with your credit card. Sure offers rental car insurance that covers up to $100,000 worth of damage to a vehicle, plus any of your belongings inside of it. Some policies do not extend internationally, and some countries might not let you leave until you've settled up your rental car bill. This means that damage to a rental car will not be covered and so it would be worth looking into car rental insurance options. "Many people find rental car insurance confusing," says Ernesto Suarez, CEO of InsureMyRentalCar.com. "Monitoring vehicle damage is a really significant thing for car rental companies," says car rental analyst Neil Abrams. Your best strategy is to call your insurers and credit card companies before your trip to see exactly what is covered and decide whether you are comfortable with the coverage and deductible. If you already own a car, your car insurance policy might extend to rental cars. For example, the company might charge you a "loss of use" charge, covering its income lost while the damaged car is out of service. Before buying Hertz rental car insurance check your policy to confirm you need it, check out the Hertz rental car insurance claims process, and use our quote comparison tool to find the lowest rates. They're also easy to buy. That's usually because the optional collision … you don't need rental car insurance. The case for your personal car insurance. "I suggest before renting a car, that my clients check with their auto insurance carrier to see if they offer such an option," he adds. The three most common areas where you will find a gap between your car insurance and the rental car coverage are replacement cost coverage, loss of use, and depreciated value. If they don’t offer renter’s insurance or if you want to shop around, check out www.insureme.com. When car rental insurance isn't needed The coverages above might all sound reasonable and even necessary, even though they may cost you a total of $40 or … While your car or credit card insurance will cover the cost of damage to the car, they might not cover some of the additional charges the car rental company could charge. The short answer is “yes, it is.” But that doesn’t mean that you need the coverage that your rental car agency is trying to push. When i took the auto insurance policy, they have taken my car details and its present in the insurance … The case for a standalone car rental insurance policy. They will then offer you a “ collision damage waiver policy. Reputable car rental companies only charge you for the actual repair. The credit card with which he'd paid for his rental covered chipped windshields. First, contact the insurance company that provides your auto insurance—most will give you great discounts if you bundle both policies. The case for travel insurance. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. He's the author of numerous books on consumer advocacy and writes weekly columns for King Features Syndicate, USA Today, and the Washington Post. Rental car insurance is necessary if your personal policy, or company, does not cover the use of a rental car, or if you do not have auto insurance. But secondary insurance typically becomes primary if you're uninsured or if your current insurance doesn't work where you're traveling. Most personal auto insurance policies have coverage that will transfer to the rental car, so technically, you’re covered while driving the rental. The information in this article was obtained from various sources. Whether you’re about to rent a car for the first time or you're an old pro, you might not know whether it makes sense to buy insurance from the rental car company. There’s no need to buy personal effects insurance from a rental car company. Here's how it works: National rental car companies sell primary collision damage waivers, which means your rental vehicle is covered at 100 percent. If you do not have personal collision coverage or of you do not have your own auto insurance policy, it can be beneficial to purchase the rental policy so long as … That's where it gets a little complicated. A standalone policy may offer a range of collision damage waiver policies that are cheaper and more comprehensive than those offered by car rental companies. If you plan to use insurance through your credit card, call the company ahead of time to make sure you’re aware of the limits and have adequate coverage. Clark calls this coverage “overpriced semi-kind-of-insurance stuff that can take the cost of renting a vehicle through the roof.” Thanks for sharing this advice on choosing rental car insurance! Do you need car rental insurance? Others aren't as fortunate. As insurance professionals, we typically advise our clients to purchase some level of insurance from the car rental company. When you buy a policy directly through a company like AIG Travel, Allianz Travel Insurance, Arch RoamRight, Generali Global Assistance, Travelex or through a travel insurance site like Seven Corners or Squaremouth, you're also getting the convenience of easy coverage with some other benefits, such as medical evacuation and trip interruption coverage. The case for the rental company's optional insurance. What kind of insurance do you need for your rental car? That's usually because the optional collision damage waiver can double the cost of the vehicle. This typically helps only with additional expenses and the deductible beyond your existing auto policy. He's. As insurance professionals, we typically advise our clients to purchase some level of insurance from the car rental company. Rental car insurance comes handy when you’re off on a road trip on a rental car, and the last thing you want to worry about is bearing expenses in an unfortunate incident. If you pay for a rental car with a major credit card, there's a good chance that the card issuer offers secondary car rental insurance at no charge. But Preston McKinney, a travel agent with Odyssey Travel, a San Antonio travel agency, says it's worth checking with your insurance company. They will then offer you a “ collision damage waiver policy. It's also true that these bills led to extreme financial hardships. Chicago Tribune: Do You Really Need That Collision Damage Waiver for Your Rental Car? Car rental companies don't mess around when it comes to vehicle damage. So if you are looking around for cheap car insurance then keep in mind that most will come with some kind of rental car insurance and it is not always essential … Damage claims are about to become an even bigger problem. "Where it gets complicated is when you start talking about what kind of insurance.". A variety of credit cards include some level of rental car coverage, which might allow you to decline the insurance offered by the rental agency, says Sean Messier, an analyst for Credit Card Insider. There also other ways you’re protected that you may not know about. Here's how to sort through ... [+] everything. I suppose your need for a rental car has already come and gone, but I'll toss my hat of knowledge into the ring for your future rentals or for others who have the same question. Your auto insurance does not cover "loss of use" The majority of auto insurance policies will cover … Personal accident insurance covers costs of any injuries to you and your family if you have an accident. The rental company may charge a deposit on your debit card and then refund the money when you return the car in good condition. Reasons Why to Buy Insurance on a Rental Car. Though you should check on your policy’s specifics, your personal car insurance’s personal liability coverage will likely still apply, so you may not need to purchase this coverage if you have car insurance. What You Don't Need. At the car rental counter, when asked if they want insurance for their rental car, many travelers say "no." The collision damage waiver, sometimes called a loss damage waiver, shields you from any liability for costs if the car is damaged or stolen during your rental. "It took a few months," he says, "but my credit card covered all costs.". Remember, most car insurance covers your rental, with some significant restrictions. If your family travels and rents cars frequently, consider buying a liability policy from an insurance company, which might save you money in the long run. Christopher Elliott is the founder of Elliott Advocacy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers consumers to solve their problems and helps those who can't. Buying insurance when you're already covered may be too much — but then again, not buying enough coverage could decimate your personal finances. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. So, if you do have coverage, the first step to answer your question rests within the auto insurance policy itself. "Check your travel insurance to see if you're already covered," advises frequent traveler Nick Brennan, who runs a UK-based cell phone accessories site. That's because those stories about car rental customers paying for a new vehicle are completely true. Auto Insurance. The case for credit card insurance. The car rental agent slides a lengthy, legalese-filled contract in front of you, pitching all the additional insurance you "need" for your rental. Baker holds a Master of Science in journalism from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn. So when travelers ask me: Do I need insurance for my rental car, I say "yes." Your liability insurance for your own vehicle, for example, will cover your liability while in a rental car as well, hence the "supplement" modifier on … He previously was a business reporter for "The Press of Atlantic City" in New Jersey and "The [Brazoria County] Facts" in Freeport, Texas. Then they send a damaged vehicle back into service, where another renter could be charged for the same damage. The truth is there is no clear-cut answer when it comes to purchasing insurance for your rental car, so it’s easy to understand why you’re hemming and hawing. "Conventional wisdom is that the added insurance on a rental car is a rip-off in most cases," says Jake McKenzie of Auto Accessories Garage. The rental car insurance agency will verify that you have a license, credit card and possibly a liability insurance policy. I'm a consumer advocate. Often, no additional car insurance coverage is necessary because your rental car is already covered by either your credit card or current insurance coverage. But what kind? I have been wondering whether or not to get rental car insurance for a rental car I’ll be using in a few weeks. This is not technically an insurance plan, but an agreement that shifts liability for any damage that occurs to the vehicle from the renter to the rental company. If you have a sufficient auto insurance policy, it may make more sense to add rental car insurance coverage to it. Protects you up to a certain amount if you damage another person’s property. "You definitely need insurance when renting a car," says Miguel Suro, a personal finance expert who runs the site Rich Miser. While all four insurance types sound like worthwhile investments on the surface, much of it could be redundant. Your homeowner's or renter's insurance, meanwhile, likely covers your personal items in the car. If your family is on a tight budget, ask the car rental company what the waiver costs and check with third-party travel insurance companies about what sort of policies they offer. But it's also expensive. The rental car insurance agency will verify that you have a license, credit card and possibly a liability insurance policy. To compare auto insurance quotes start with your zip code in the box above! It's rarely necessary to buy rental car insurance over the counter at the rental agency. If you own or lease a car and have car insurance in the U.S., you’ll probably have coverage for a rental car for personal use. 1) Quality of your own insurance policy – If you have state minimum coverage don’t except much help from your insurance company if something were to happen. Your family's health and life insurance policies, as well as your car insurance policies, will cover injuries to you and your family. His story repeats itself thousands of times every day and is about to become even more common. Now my question is if i take a rental car, then my auto insurance policy for my car covers it or i need to take separate insurance for the rental car? Takeaway: Before purchasing rental car insurance, make sure that it provides all of the coverage you need and that it is not already covered by your personal insurance policy. Unfortunately, he had declined the car rental insurance, which meant he was responsible for a $400 repair bill. First, a fact: You won't find a single expert who recommends not getting insurance for your rental car. Join the club. 2) Purpose of Rental- Yes, The reason why you are renting the car plays a big factor. They're on the hook for hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. "Rental insurance provided through your credit card usually lasts around 15 to 30 days, and it covers most basic types of vehicles while excluding things like trucks and exotic cars," he says. Novak, the owner of a hospitality marketing company from Skokie, Ill., got lucky. But others broadside you with inflated bills and "loss of use" charges. "Our website has been designed to cut through the insurance mumbo jumbo, making it easy for customers to find the cover they need and buy the right plan at the right price," says Suarez of InsureMyRentalcar.com. Rental car insurance can cost as high as $50 per day depending on the level of coverage selected. Some insurance policies will only cover rental vehicles if it is a replacement rental. Whether you’re about to rent a car for the first time or you're an old pro, you might not know whether it makes sense to buy insurance from the rental car company. Supplemental liability insurance covers costs from damages or injury you cause to other cars. So they have to make a bet that they'll drive safely and return the car in working order.

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